Mourning is a personal, inner process of saying goodbye, recovering and going on with one’s life. Saying goodbye and coping with the loss does not go without grief, despair, pain, fear or anger.
For this you need courage!
The goal of grief therapy is to help the client in the process of coping. It is a process of changes and adaptations in which you let go of the loved one and take steps into a new world in which he/she is re-integrated in a different way. It is a different type of bonding with the lost one.
During grief therapy I listend attentively to the client’s story. I help him/her to understand what exactly has happend (especially children), help them to cope with strong emotions and find a way to intgrate the loss in his/her life. For this I make especially use of talking and creative therapy.
Children, adolescents and adults can come to me for individual or group sessions. For families I work with family therapy.
Als see workshops.